Shestakova Ksenia

Expert in Space Law, PH.D., attorney
St. Petersburg (Russia)
Ksenia Shestakova


2001-2005 – Bachelor's degree in "Jurisprudence" (St. Petersburg State University).

2005-2007 – master's degree in "Jurisprudence", educational program "International Law" (St. Petersburg State University).

2012 – Ph.D. thesis in the specialty 12.00.10 "International law. European Law" (St. Petersburg State University).

teaching activity: 

She has more than 8 years of teaching experience.

2011-2014 – student team coach of the St. Petersburg State University for participation in the Manfred Lach International Competition on Space Law. The best result was achieved in 2011, when the team became the winner of the European round and took the third place in the Final rounds of the Competition held within the framework of the International Astronautical Congress in Cape Town (South Africa).


From 2009 to present she is an attorney of the St. Petersburg City Bar Association.

From 2016 to present she is a member of the European Society of International Law.

Shestakova K. The Dichotomy between the Duty to Provide Information and Security Concerns of a State. Proceedings of the International Institute of Space Law 2012. Volume 55. Eleven Publishing. 2013.
Shestakova K., Duskalieva A. The Moon And Other Celestial Bodies: From The “Province” Towards The “Common Heritage” Of All Mankind? Proceedings of the International Institute of Space Law 2013. Volume 56. Eleven Publishing. 2014.
Шестакова К., Дускалиева А. «Небо в алмазах»: правовые проблемы добычи полезных ископаемых на астероидах // Петербургской Юрист. 2015.

Expert courses

  • Альмира Дускалиева
    Duskalieva Almira
  • Ksenia Shestakova
    Shestakova Ksenia
    Advanced training

    Contemporary issues of International Space Law

    Training duration: 24 hours