Bidnyuk Valeriy

Expert in the field of Search and Emergency and fire-protection Flights Servicing
圣彼得堡 (俄罗斯)
Valeriy Bidnyuk


In 1986 graduated from Kirovograd Civil Aviation High Flight School (now – Kirovograd Flight Academy of the National Aviation University) in the specialty “ATC Operator”.

In 1995 graduated from the Order of Lenin Academy of Civil Aviation (now – Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation) in the specialty “Air Transport Operation and Air Traffic Control”, qualification: ATC engineer.


From 2008 to present time – the Senior Lecturer of the Department “Flight Safety in Civil Aviation” at Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation. Courses taught: organization of search and emergency and fire-protection works; fire safety of aviation facilities.


From 1986 to 1991 – worked at the Anadyr airport by distribution.

From 1995 to 1996 – the Activity Area Director at Organization Association on advanced training and retraining of civil aviation executive employees and specialists.

From 1996 to present time – Shift Supervisor – Incident Commander (Inspector) at Pulkovo Airport (St. Petersburg).