Guerrero Lebron Maria Jesus

Expert in civil aviation accidents and incidents investigation, Doctor in Law
马德里 (西班牙)
Maria Jesus Guerrero Lebron


In 1999 she defended her thesis at the Seville University (Spain). Doctor in Law.


From 1995 to 2004 she has lectured to graduated and postgraduate students in Seville University (Spain) and other international Universities.

From 2004 to present time she is Full Professor of Commercial Law in Pablo de Olavide University (Spain).

From 2009 to present time she is Secretary General of International University of Andalucía (Seville, Spain).

From July, 2018 to present  Visiting Professor at the Harvard University (Cambridge, USA).


From 2010 she is Member of the Civil Aviation Accidents and Incidents Investigation Commission (CIAIAC, Spain).

From 2007 to 2009 she is Member of the working group on air transport of the General Codification Commission.

Direct the section “Air Law” in the scientific review “Revista de Derecho del Transporte” (ISSN: 1889-1810).

Member of the Air Law South-American Association and the Spanish Aeronautic Association (ALADA).

She has participated in the Safety Information Protection Task Force (International Civil Aviation Organisation) and in the Just Culture team (EUROCONTROL).

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