National Aviation Academy of AZAL

巴库 (阿塞拜疆)

After independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in order to meet the needs of national personnel in the field of civil aviation, the National Aviation Center was established under the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 337 dated June 15, 1992 at the State Concern "AZAL" (now “Azerbaijan Airlines” Closed Joint Stock Company). On February 24, 1994, by Decree No. 81 of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Center was renamed the National Aviation Academy (NAA). NAA began its activities with one faculty, two specialties and 80 students.
At present, the National Aviation Academy is the only higher educational institution in Azerbaijan that implements programs of higher, additional and professional education in the field of civil aviation and other fields, determined by Azerbaijan Airlines CJSC.
There are 6 Faculties in the NAA (Air Transport, Transport Technologies, Aerospace, Physics and Technology, Economics and Law, Correspondence), 23 Departments, the Center for Pilot Training (Department of Theoretical Training, Department of Practical Training – Training Center) and the IATA Institute.
Specialists are trained in NAA in 20 specialties based on the State Educational Standards approved by the Ministry of Education and approved by the State Civil Aviation Agency.
There are five educational buildings in the NAA, equipped with the latest equipment, specialized classrooms, laboratories, libraries, a modern fitness center, a sports complex, a pilot production facility, a hotel, and a campus. Specialized classes and classrooms are equipped with multimedia equipment and technical training facilities.