Solis Mediation Center

莫斯科 (俄罗斯)

The Center was established in 2021 by graduates of the mediation course at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

In the practice of mediators of the Solis Mediation Center – the settlement of disputes between State corporations and their contractors, between Insurance companies and policyholders, between transport companies, between banks and their debtors, between buyers and sellers of commercial real estate, between foreign companies operating in Russia and their counterparties and Russian regulatory authorities.

Mediation is an effective dispute resolution tool. A professional mediator can help the parties come to a solution to the conflict in one day. This is a much more profitable dispute resolution tool than participating in a lengthy litigation.

If you have any questions about how the mediation process works, please contact the Solis Mediation Center and you will receive comprehensive answers to them.

Among the arbitrators of the Solis Mediation Center are Daria Zhdan-PushkinaVeronika Demidova and Natalia Frolova.