Seminar in IAC on International aviation finance and leasing law

April 25, 2017 in the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) was held a seminar on the topic: "International aviation finance and leasing law". The seminar was conducted by the Expert of the AEROHELP Institute, Doctor of Law, Professor Patrick Honnebir (Netherlands). The practicing lawyers and attorneys, civil servants of aviation administrations and professors of higher educational institutions participated in the event.

This Seminar focuses on special private air law that covers cross-border financing and leasing transactions with expensive aircraft, aircraft engines and helicopters which are used for commercial and private purposes in the Russian Federation and other jurisdictions. A number of international litigations arising from the obligations of aviation financing and leasing were also considered. The seminar was conducted in English with a sequential translation into Russian.

Within the framework of the seminar the participants noted the importance of correct interpretation of the main legal principles and practical aspects of the law of international aviation financing and leasing.

The seminar was held in a friendly and businesslike atmosphere. The Expert and the students were satisfied with the results. Admittedly, the seminar was a success. At the end of the seminar, all participants received certificates of participation in the seminar.