Association of Experts and Professionals in Venezuelan Aeronautical and Space Law (AEPDAEV)

Caracas (Venezuela)

Established in 2019, in the city of Caracas, the Association of Experts and Professionals in Venezuelan Aeronautical and Space Law (AEPDAEV) began as a result of the decision of a group of Lawyers committed to Venezuelan aerospace policy, and everything related to their nature, who want to have a meeting point where they promote different proposals, promote activities, promote any enriching movement for the area to be performed, as well as a place from which we can express our ideas, and a space where we can express our opinions and develop scientific and legal studies aimed at achieving the unification and/or uniformity of the legislation of civil aeronautics and space, and its related activities in the national field and among Latin American countries and the world.

We want to highlight that “AEPDAEV”; is a project based on legal knowledge, where there is enthusiasm, passion and which we can now say with satisfaction that it is a reality, since we have consolidated our project within the framework of recommendations, advice, guidance, logistics, representations and opinions on publications, projects legislative provisions, rulings, aerospace policy resolutions that are implemented or intended to be implemented in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and in the International Civil Aeronautics. Our Association seeks to collaborate and represent jointly with other Government Institutions, as well as entities from the private sector, with similar purposes, the study, advancement and solution of problems generated by the Aeronautical and Space activity specifically.

We make it known that we are a pioneering Association in the study of Aeronautics and Space matters in Venezuela, we have highly qualified professionals in the areas and activities that said association carries out, they will also be aimed at professionals or students of related careers, of any social level. It is important to note that the ascription of new associates will have an exhaustive review of the curricular credentials of the participants, managing excellence, ethics, morals, professionalism and, above all, the character of confidentiality, as well as it is made known that Participation in the Association must be active and committed, always adapting to the circumstances of time, mode and place of each member of this organization.

Collaborate, guide and represent public, state or private, national and international organizations and entities in the study and solution of advances or problems generated by aeronautical and space activity in terms of law.

The President of the AEPDAEV is an Expert in criminal law, aviation law and policy Wilson Penaloza