Use of unmanned aircraft for civil purposes

28-30 November, 2016 in the classroom of the Institute of Air and Space Law AEROHELP in St. Petersburg was held for the first time training on a full-fledged additional professional training program "Use of unmanned aircraft for civil purposes" (24 hours). The training was conducted by the experts of the Institute AEROHELP Oleg Aksamentov, Sergey Kovalevsky, Igor Tretyakov. Among the invited lecturers were the Chief of Department of St. Petersburg state enterprise "AVT" Maria Petrutik and attorney Mikhail Timoshatov.

The aim of training on further professional program is to increase the level of professional knowledge of airspace users among the operators and pilots of unmanned aircraft. During the training the existing legal regulation of use for flying unmanned aircraft is concidered and analyzed, as well as the novels of air legislation of the Russian Federation due to the entry into force on 30.03.2016 of the Federal Legislative Act №462-ФЗ of 12.30.2015 "On amendments to the Air Code the Russian Federation regarding the use of unmanned aircraft." The theoretical material was combined with the consideration of practical cases related to the issues of administrative responsibility for violation of the use of air space.

At the end of the training each student who successfully passed the certification received the professional development certificate.


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