ASEAN Open Skies: The Progress so Far and its Impact towards Foreign Direct Investment within the Member States

The course leads

Ridha Aditya Nugraha

Ridha Aditya Nugraha

Expert in international air and space law, LL.M.

Jakarta (Indonesia)

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Length: 8 hours
Mode classes: 8 hours per day
Learning objectives: 

Obtaining theoretical knowledge in the field of air law, precisely in relations with the current issues in ASEAN.

Form of study: 
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certification is not provided
At the end of training: 
seminar certificate
Thematic plan: 

1. Brief introduction to ASEAN and its legal system.
2. Air transport liberalization in ASEAN and Indonesia.
3. The progress and challenges of ASEAN Open Skies 2015.
4. Foreign direct investment in ASEAN member states, particularly the Indonesian case/
5. Topical issues whether the 8th and 9th Freedoms of the Air shall be allowed and the possibility of establishing an ASEAN carrier.
6. Passengers' right issue.
7. The future of subsidy or state-aid following the enactment of ASEAN Open Skies.