General Approach to European Civil Aviation Regulations of UAV’s

    Cource leads

      Learning objectives: 

      The European Union has progressiveley extended the competences of the European Aviation Safety Agency. The new propsal of the EASA Basic Regulation (the new regulation will replace Regulation 216/2008) give to european agency increased powers in the RPAS domein. The main learning objectives are: Awarness of the EU regulatory framework and its decision making process in civil aviation; Understanding the EASA Basic Regulation, EASA functions and competences and the roles and responsibilities of various players in civil aviation (ICAO, CAA’s, ATM/AND providers, operators etc.); Understand the current European legal framework with regard to UAV’s; Awareness of the insurance and liability obligations when operating an UAV in the Euroepan airspace.

      pilots of unmanned aircraft (external pilots)
      teachers of higher and secondary educational institutions
      teachers of aviation training centres
      senior management of civil aviation
      practicing lawyers and attorneys
      managers of airports
      specialists of contract departments and legal services
      specialists in air traffic control
      state civil servants competent authority
      Thematic plan: 
      • UAV’s in the European Context
      • EASA Basic Regulation – UAV provisions
      • EASA Rulemaking Process – the new UAV’s regulations
      • Challenges of the new EASA Basic Regulation Proposal
      • Current legal framework
      • Insurance and liability aspects
      • How to integrate UAV’s in the airspace


      At the end of training: 
      seminar certificate
      Form of study: 
      panel discussion
      English with translation into Russian
      certification is not provided