Advanced training

Handling of passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) at airports and on board of the aircraft

    Cource leads

    Learning objectives: 

    Increasing the level of professional knowledge in the field of ground and onboard maintenance of passengers with disabilities at airports and on aircraft.

    flight and cabin crew members of civil aircraft
    quality management specialists
    certification specialists
    specialists in transport
    senior management of civil aviation
    practicing lawyers and attorneys
    managers of airports
    specialists of contract departments and legal services
    flight safety personal
    ground handling staff
    aviation security services staff
    state civil servants competent authority
    Thematic plan: 

    1. Types of redused mobility.
    2. Equalization of rights and opportunities, social integration.
    3. Regulation under the International law.
    4. National regulation of social protection.
    5. The implementation of the social protection right.
    6. Safety in air carriage.
    7. The procedure for providing passengers with redused mobility and services at airports and on board of the aircraft.
    8. Psychology of behavior.

    At the end of training: 
    advanced training certificate
    Form of study: 

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      Advanced training

      Handling passengers and baggage at the airport

      Training duration: 40 hours