AviaPort Agency

Moscow (Russia)

AviaPort Agency is an independent Russian analytical company specialized in data collection, analysis and distribution in the field of aviation business. Founded in 1998, the Agency has succeed in a number of research and media projects.

AviaPort Agency provides services for market research and forecast, industry statistics and reference data collection as well as offers consulting and advertising services. Agency's experts research competences are represented in such areas as air transport infrastructure, regional aviation and aircraft equipment production.

In 2013 AviaPort has launched the complex study of infrastructure and services quality in airports. The project is aimed to recover and develop airports marketability in the Russian Federation. The research of terminal infrastructure and passenger services is in process at present. On the basis of the research findings the rating of comfort level in airports is published annually. The analytical reports are offered to the market members.

The key media project in aviation industry – website AviaPort.Ru – has being run by the Agency since 1998. The website is an authoritative source of business information for aviation specialists and offers a number of informational services. The online industry directory contains more than 6 000 updated profiles. Editorial materials highlight the most important market trends. AviaPort.Ru assists specialists in professional activities, public communications, planning and recruitment.


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