National Association of Air Law

Moscow (Russia)

Non-profit organization "National Association of Air Law" was established in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the Russian legislation on Non-Governments on the basis of the Charter and Constituent agreement of April 7, 2005.

The main goals and objectives of the establishment and activities of the Association are to promote the development of science of air law, aviation legislation and its practical application in the interest of safety, regularity and efficiency of air navigation; assist in improving the legal culture of civil servants and other citizens involved in aviation activity; promoting security and defense capability of the Russian Federation, the implementation of state policy in the field of aviation and aerospace activities.

The work of the Association are participating stakeholders of aviation activity.

President of the Association is Sergey Yuryev - Doctor of Law, Professor of international law and public law subjects at the Russian Academy of lawyers and notaries, chairman of the Moscow Union of Lawyers and Deputy Chairman of the Public Council under the Federal Air Transport Agency. Author of over 200 scientific papers on various legal issues. Honored Lawyer of Moscow.


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