Russian Institute of Art History (Zubov Institute)

St. Petersburg (Russia)

The Russian Institute of Art History (Zubov Institute), founded in 1912 on private initiative and with the personal funds of Earl Valentin P. Zubov, is the first special art history educational institution in Russia, modeled on the Institute of Art History in the city of Florence as an educational institution center with a library and art history courses.
For more than a century of its existence, the institute has retained the status of one of the world's leading scientific centers for the study of art history. The names of famous scientists, musicians, poets, artists are connected with the history of the SRII, D. D. Shostakovich, N. S. Gumilyov, A. A. Blok, K. S. Malevich, S. F. Oldenburg, Yu. N. Tynyanova, I.L. Andronikova, B.V. Asafieva, F.A. Rubtsov, A. A. Gvozdev, Yu. N. Tyulin, A. V. Ossovsky, and many others. Proceedings of the institute staff amounted to the glory of national and world science.
Today, the Russian Institute of Art History annually holds scientific, educational, cultural and educational events. Being a non-specialized object of the congress and exhibition infrastructure, the historic building has a unique location and capabilities for planning and organizing a wide variety of events:

  • Thematic Tours
  • Lecture courses for a wide audience
  • Educational programs and quests for children and youth
  • Exclusive concerts and music festivals
  • Performing Arts Contests
  • Presentations and exhibitions
  • Conferences, seminars, master classes
  • Solemn receptions
  • Historical filming (fiction and documentary films, television programs, videos)
  • Event photography in historical interiors of the front suite of rooms
  • Thematic films
  • Comprehensive package offers for individual customer conditions 

The following premises are offered for events:
Three halls of the front suite with interiors of the late XIX - early XX centuries, overlooking St. Isaac's Cathedral:

  1. White Hall (90 people, S = 187.4), concert grand piano “Blüthner”
  2. Red Hall (60 people, S = 90.8)
  3. Green Hall (112 people, S = 125.3) 2 concert grand pianos “C. Bechstein.
  4. Cinema Hall (90 people), equipped with modern digital audio and video equipment.

Additional features:
Transport accessibility, security, the possibility of booking and prior arrival, ordering catering, use of conference equipment, meeting room.

Address:  St. Isaac's Square, 5, St. Petersburg, 190000, Russia
Tel.: +7 812 3144136
Contact person: Head of the Cultural and Educational Programs Department of the IHRI Elena Tanikova, tel. +7 812 3350717,


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