Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration

Moscow (Russia)

The Russian Arbitration Center (RAC) at the Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration is an arbitral institution set up to develop international cooperation in developing alternative ways of resolving disputes throughout the world. RAC is an authoritative platform for the consideration of business disputes.
In 2018, the RAC decided to found a branch in St. Petersburg specializing in resolving civil disputes through arbitration between participants in legal relations arising in the field of space law, air law, as well as other legal relationships involving the subjects of space and aviation activities.
Between the Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration and the Institute of Air and Space Law AEROHELP, an agreement has been reached to recruit experts from the AEROHELP Institute as arbitrators to deal with the arising disputes. To this end, the RAC forms the list of arbitrators from among the leading experts in this field.


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