Advanced training

Overview ISAGO audits to prepare for the audit

    Cource leads

    Learning objectives: 

    Increasing the level of professional knowledge in the field of legal regulation and practical application of the requirements of operational safety audit of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) during ground handling of aircrafts (ISAGO). The course provides a detailed study of the IATA requirements for operational safety, occupational health and safety during ground handling. Students will receive a detailed description of the IATA standards for ground handling, learn why and in which cases the IATA recommendations are standards and are required to perform. Become familiar with the requirements of the ISAGO Standards Manual (GOSM), how to make a request to audit, examine the order and sequence of activities in preparation for the audit. Students also receive information that is "system Q5», how to work to eliminate inconsistencies and recommendations identified during the ISAGO audit.

    teachers of aviation training centres
    quality management specialists
    certification specialists
    civil aviation flights support staff (flight dispatchers)
    senior management of civil aviation
    practicing lawyers and attorneys
    managers of airports
    ground handling staff
    state civil servants competent authority
    Thematic plan: 

    1. Introduction to the course: Legal bases of activity in the field of international civil aviation; International Organizations of Civil Aviation - ICAO, IATA, ACI, ATA, etc.; The Convention on International Civil Aviation (1944 Chicago Convention) and its Annexes; ICAO Standards and Recommended Practice (SARP's).
    2. Ground Handling of Aircrafts (Overview): Current trends and factors affecting the market of services for ground handling of aircraft; IATA's role in the development of international standards in the field of ground handling of aircrafts; Ground handling of aircrafts as part of the Safety Management System (SMS).
    3. Operational safety during ground handling: Airport Handling Manual (AHM); IATA Ground Operation Manual (IGOM); The basic requirements for health and safety during ground handling of aircrafts.
    4. IATA Audit of Operational Safety during ground handling (
    ISAGO): IATA Guidelines for ISAGO audit; Preparation for the audit and the procedure for ISAGO audit; Purpose and procedure Q5 system use; Description and basic requirements LOD standards, PAX, BAG, HDL, AGM, CGM.

    At the end of training: 
    advanced training certificate
    Form of study: 

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