Sallam Firas

Aviation Safety, Quality & Training Expert / Aviation Management Consultant. ICAO/IATA/EASA Certified Safety Expert and Instructor
Amman (Jordan)
Firas Sallam


In 1999 – graduated from the Higher Institute of Civil Aviation (now – the Mohammed VI International Academy of Civil Aviation), Morocco. Air Traffic Control Diploma.

In 2012 – graduated from the Royal Jordanian Air Academy, Jordan. Flight Dispatcher Diploma.

Teaching activity: 

From 2017 to present – Aviation Safety Instructor at SOFEMA Aviation Services. Designed and delivered Consultancy & Training in Airports Management, (QMS) Quality Management Systems, Aviation Management, (SMS) Safety Management Systems, and Strategic Planning. In compliance with ICAO rules and regulations.

From 2019 to present – Aviation Instructor at MCBS-Trainair Plus Center, Oman. Designed and delivered aviation courses for Oman Ground Handling company under IATA Ground Operations Diploma including: IATA Airport Operations, Airport Ramp Services, Passenger Ground Services, Aviation Security Awareness.

Credentials: ICAO Instructor; IATA SMS Trainer; Trainer of Trainers; SMS Trainer of Trainers; ICAO/ EASA Aviation English Rater; Airport Operations & Ground Handling Instructor; ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certified Lead Implementer.

Other Activities: 

From 2000 to 2006 – Air Traffic Controller, Jordan. Handled the air traffic in aerodrome. Ensured the safe and expeditious flow of air traffic. Ensured that all operations are in line with airport manuals, civil aviation authority rules, and safety procedures.

From 2006 to 2013 – Meteorological Station Duty Manager, Jordan. Recording and analyzing data from worldwide weather stations, satellites, radars and remote sensors interpreting observations from the land, sea and upper atmosphere providing customers with weather reports/forecasts.

From 2013 to 2014 – (OCC) Manager at the Operations Control Center GAT Airlines, Libya. Co-Established the flight operations dept. Trained personnel on flight operations. Supervised Airport operations for the airline. Liaised with the civil aviation authority for issuing licenses, following up the implementation of regulations. Represented GAT airline in front of the civil aviation authority and other companies. Performed internal and external audits.

From 2014 to 2015 – Operations Duty Manager at the NEXUS Flight Operations Services, Saudi Arabia. Oversaw the flight operations dept. Delivered training for new flight operations personnel. Attended daily and weekly safety and operational assessment meetings with flight operations directors. Planned safety management systems implementation in compliance with ICAO rules.

From 2016 to present – Consultant on Aircraft Accident & Emergency & Safety at the Kenyon International Emergency Services. Provided emergency response and management for airlines after incidents. Delivered investigation analysis & operational control and supervision for post crisis management.

From 2018 to present – Manager of Safety & Quality at the AVISAV, UK/ Jordan. Responsible for providing guidance and direction for the planning, implementation and designing software of quality and safety management system (QSMS) development and implementation. Chief Editor of “Aviation Horizons” Magazine. Preparing & Conducting Quality & Safety Internal & External Audits.

Member of the International Civil Aviation English Association (ICAEA).

Member of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL).

Co-Founder of Aviation Safety II and Sociocracy studies & research group in cooperation with “The Sociocracy Consulting Group”, USA.

Head and Founding member of the “IAASTRA” International Association of Aviation Safety Trainers.

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