№11, 09-10/2019 №11, 09-10/2019

Dear friends and colleagues!

We would like to present to you the next issue of the monthly journal for the months of Septenber-October 2019.

September, and in particular October 2019, was marked by intense aviation legal activities. Zurich Air Law Seminar, the 9th St. Petersburg Air Law Conference, Bishkek Seminar on the Use of Unmanned Aircraft for Civil Purposes, the 12th Annual McGill Conference on International Aviation Liability, Insurance & Finance, and finally, Shanghai International Air Law Forum. It is this amazing frequency of air law events planned for the fall that explains the release of the consolidated issue of journal for two months, and not as planned, monthly. The AEROHELP Institute is the organizer of the conference in St. Petersburg, and most of the employees were involved in the preparation activities. In addition, on the day of the Conference (October 4, 2019), a replenishment took place in the friendly AEROHELP family, - the beautiful daughter Arina was born to the Executive Editor of Journal Ilona Tsimbal.

Also in the issue is a review of the air legislation of Russia and the European Union, as well as expert opinions of Chrystel Erotokritou (Nicosia, Cyprus) and Andre Soutelino (São Paulo, Brazil).

Read about this and other legal events in aviation in the Septenber-October issue of our journal.

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