AERONEXT Association

Moscow (Russia)

AERONET Association of Operators and Developers of Unmanned Aicraft Systems is the only professional association of legal entities in Russia that develop and operate civil unmanned aerial systems. Members of AERONET Association are the most professional and responsible companies that produce unmanned aircrafts and carry out work with its application.

Development of air legislation and industry regulations in the field of unmanned aerial systems;
Formation of standards and rules of professional activity;
Collective insurance of civil liability of operators of unmanned aircrafts in front of third parties in accordance with the requirements of the Air Code of Russian Federation;
Certification of specialists of aviation personnel of unmanned aircrafts – members of the Association;
Investigation and formalization of airborne incidents and incidents involving the unmanned aircrafts;
Organization of AERONET certification systems – confirmation of compliance with industry standards and regulations;
Organizing events to discuss key issues, making decisions and popularizing unmanned aircrafts among system customers;
Assistance to the members of the Association in the preparation and implementation of the projects of the National Technological Initiative;

In the interests of the customer Association provides:
High quality and safety, thanks to strict standards of the Association and control over their observance;
Compensation for harm caused by a member of the Association in the performance of air traffic operations and/or aerial work;
Pre-judicial and extrajudicial settlement of disputes about the quality of the works performed.

Between the AERONET Association of Operators and Developers of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and the Institute of Air and Space Law AEROHELP July 03, 2018 signed an Agreement on Cooperation and Interaction.


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