Helicopter Industry Association

Moscow (Russia)

The Helicopter Industry Association is a voluntary association of legal entities, whose activities are related to the helicopter industry. The Association was established to coordinate business activities, as well as to represent and protect common interests.

Currently, the Association unites 67 companies operating in the helicopter industry, among which:
- enterprises for the production of helicopters and components;
- airlines performing commercial air transportations and aviation works;
- companies that perform helicopter overhaul, supply of aircraft and technical equipment and modernization;
- companies that provide training services;
- companies that provide helicopters with fuel, fuels and lubricants;
- companies from related industries that adapt or develop new services and product lines for the needs of the helicopter industry.

The objectives of the Association are:
- creation and maintenance of business environment;
- increase of work safety;
- increase of professionalism;
- increase of economic sustainability.


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