Advanced training

Operational and technical maintenance of civil aerodromes

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      Learning objectives: 

      Increasing the level of professional knowledge in the field of operational and technical maintenance of civil aerodromes.

      risk managers in civil aviation
      teachers of higher and secondary educational institutions
      teachers of aviation training centres
      quality management specialists
      specialists in maintenance and repair of aviation equipment
      senior management of civil aviation
      managers of airports
      ground handling staff
      state civil servants competent authority
      Thematic plan: 
      1. Basic provisions on the operation of the aerodromes.
      2. General provisions on the preparation of the airfield to fly.
      3. The marking of airfield and tall obstacles.
      4. Maintenance and repair of the airfield in summer.
      5. Winter maintenance of the airfield.
      6. Maintenance of the heliports and airfields for helicopters.
      7. Features of the maintenance of airfields in the Far North.
      8. Maintenance of the aerodrome service roads and squares.
      9. The aerodrome service station of the airport.
      10. Methods of assessing the operational and technical condition of airfield pavements.
      11. The definition of the possibility of the operation of aircraft at the aerodrome by the method of «ACN – PCN».
      12. Methods and tools to evaluate the braking conditions of the aircraft.
      At the end of training: 
      advanced training certificate
      Form of study: 

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        Training duration: 16 hours