Safe transport of dangerous goods by air (categories 8, 9, 10, 12)

The course leads

Oleg Aksamentov

Oleg Aksamentov

Director of Institute, expert in air law

St. Petersburg (Russia)

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Length: 16 hours
Mode classes: 8 hours per day
Learning objectives: 

Advanced training in the field of legal regulation of the safe carriage of dangerous goods by air.

Form of study: 
Course language: 
Certification form: 
At the end of training: 
advanced training certificate
Thematic plan: 

1. General requirements for the carriage of dangerous goods and air transport features.
2. Normative and legal regulation of the transport of dangerous goods by air.
3. Contents and layout of the "Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air" ICAO and the "Rules for the Transport of Dangerous Goods" IATA.
4. Restrictions on the transport of dangerous goods.
5. Classification of dangerous goods.
6. Identification. The list of dangerous goods.
7. General requirements for the packaging of dangerous goods.
8. Characteristics of the packaging.
9. Signs of danger and labeling.
10. Transport and accompanying documentation of dangerous goods.
11. Carriage of dangerous goods by passengers or crew members.
12. Recognition of undeclared dangerous goods.
13. Emergency procedures.