Panic at the Airport

The course leads

Гонта Ярослава

Yaroslava Gonta

Expert in the field of adaptive processes in human society, practical psychologist

St. Petersburg (Russia)

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Ksenia Shunkova

Ksenia Shunkova

Expert in Aviation Medicine

St. Petersburg (Russia)

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Length: 5 hours
Mode classes: 5 hours per day
Learning objectives: 

Increasing the level of professional knowledge of airport services employees in the field of social psychology. Formation of skills recognition manifestations of panic states. Training of airport services employees cupping methods panic states.

Form of study: 
Course language: 
Certification form: 
certification is not provided
At the end of training: 
seminar certificate
Thematic plan: 
1. The concept of mass psychosis in terms of medicine and psychology. The manifestation of psychosis in the crowd and the individual.
2. Methods for detection and cupping of anxiety and panic.
3. The practical part.