Interaction with the passenger with aerophobia and other cases of panic attacks

    Cource leads

      Learning objectives: 
      Increased knowledge in the field of general psychology, psychology of fear to improve safety. Introduction to the causes of aerophobia. Training techniques assistance to passengers in the elimination of the fear of flying.
      flight and cabin crew members of civil aircraft
      specialists of tour operators and agencies
      teachers of aviation training centres
      specialists in transport
      managers of airports
      flight safety personal
      aviation security services staff
      Thematic plan: 
      1. What is aerophobia. Causes aerophobia. Identification of anxiety (as the first sign of symptoms phobia) the passenger. The methods of its correction at the initial stage.
      2. Training methods for determining the emotional state of a passenger on the view. Methods to prevent tension. Education skills control over the fear of flying, and in front of it (attention switching equipment, breathing techniques and so on).
      3. Definition of "panic attack". Symptoms. The principles of communication with passengers during a panic attack. Methods relief panic attack.
      4. Interaction with the passenger in a state of panic attack. Methods of quick relief of an attack - development of practical skills.
      At the end of training: 
      seminar certificate
      Form of study: 
      certification is not provided

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