Advanced training

Revenue management of air carrier

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      Learning objectives: 

      Increasing the level of professional knowledge in the field of work with automated systems revenue management, as well as in the field of legal regulation overbooking for revenue management of the air carrier. The course is taught in Russian.

      marketing, communications and sales managers
      revenue management experts
      teachers of higher and secondary educational institutions
      IT-companies specialists
      quality management specialists
      specialists in transport
      senior management of civil aviation
      practicing lawyers and attorneys
      state civil servants competent authority
      Thematic plan: 

      1. The need for Revenue Management System in the activities of a commercial operator. Origin RM, scope, structure tasks RM.
      2. Review of the main problems: forecasting, sales-limit, control sales. Assigning these tasks in the management of revenues.
      3. Some additional revenue management strategy. Overbooking (sale-limit) for revenue management of the air carrier. Historical overview of the implementation of overbooking on the example of the North American and European commercial operators. Problems of implementation-limit sales in the Russian practice of commercial operators.
      4. Limits of booking and levels of protection. Some models determine the optimal sales strategy.

      At the end of training: 
      advanced training certificate
      Form of study: 

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