Advanced training

Strategies of marketing, sales and resource management of airline

    Lead the course

    Learning objectives: 

    Overview of key modern models of sales and marketing strategies, the acquisition of skills and tools to optimize sales processes in the airline. Understanding and interpretation of customer needs. Increasing the level of professional knowledge in the field of effective marketing and sales strategies, organization and conduct of all the coupon shares (including in conjunction with airline revenue management models), including both traditional marketing resources and online resources aviation commerce.

    finance and commerce specialists
    marketing, communications and sales managers
    revenue management experts
    teachers of higher and secondary educational institutions
    IT-companies specialists
    teachers of aviation training centres
    specialists in transport
    senior management of civil aviation
    managers of airports
    Thematic plan: 

    1. The evolution of commercial technologies in aviation and its impact on customer segmentation and marketing methodology.
    2. Placement strategies and resource management of the airline.
    3. Strategies for effective marketing and sales.
    4. Aircraft Alliances and Marketing: advantages and disadvantages.
    5. An example of an effective revenue management strategies.
    6. The need for Revenue Management System in the activities of a commercial operator.
    7. Resource management.

    At the end of training: 
    advanced training certificate
    Form of study: 

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