Development of the commercial strategy and organization of air commerce at the airport

The course leads

Kristina Mozgovaya

Kristina Mozgovaya

Expert in revenue management of commercial operator, Ph.D.

St. Petersburg (Russia)

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Gregory Pomerantsev

Gregory Pomerantsev

Expert in marketing of aviation operations

Minsk (Belarus)

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Length: 16 hours
Mode classes: 8 hours per day
Learning objectives: 

Increasing the level of professional knowledge in the field of airport commercial activities, aviation marketing, development and optimization of the route network (including the introduction of practical examples of the development model of "transfer hub"), maximizing of aviation revenue of airports.

Form of study: 
Course language: 
Certification form: 
At the end of training: 
advanced training certificate
Thematic plan: 

1. Macroeconomic environment and market trends of air transportation in Russia and certain regions of the world. Defining common market boundaries.
2. Ensuring the highest possible income.
3. Strengthening the market position (market share increase).
4. Implementation of the transfer (hubs) model.
5. SWOT-analysis of the situation at the airport market. Positioning of the airport on the domestic and foreign markets.
6. Economic indicators and methods of analysis of management efficiency.
7. Method of forecasting of indicators of business activity. Points of growth.
8. Interaction with operators. Organization of communication and flow of documents.