International Consultancy and Analysis Agency "Aviation Safety"

Moscow (Russia)

The International Consultancy and Analysis Agency "Aviation Safety" provides information, advisory and analytical services in the field of safety in the region of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Agency Goals
- Education of safety culture among specialists and industry leaders;
- Identification of risk factors in the field of safety, development of measures to removal them;
- Introduction of the general public with the condition of flight safety in the world;
- Using the best examples of international experience in Russia and the CIS;
- Encourage voluntary and unpunished sharing of safety information.

Agency Objectives
- Implementation of modern concepts and methods for the prevention of aircraft accidents;
- Development of operational requirements and planning criteria for air navigation systems based on their optimal profitability;
- Ensuring a reduction in the impact of aviation on environmental pollution and noise;
- The study of the compatibility of aeronautical systems of various states.

The Experts
- highly professional and world-famous aviators;
- former and current Presidents of the World Aviation Safety Foundation;
- Heads of Regional Bodies of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO);
- specialists in the field of organization of flight work and air traffic management;
- current pilots and air traffic controlers.

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